Lunar Probe Chang'e-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus


In the early hours of November 24th, the much-anticipated Chang'e-5 lunar probe has been successfully launched from China's Wenchang Space Launch Center, carrying the beautiful vision of human to further explore the moon's secrets and heading for the vast space. From the launching of Chang'e-1 to Chang'e-5, China has opened a new chapter in lunar exploration on the stage of world spaceflight field, and has also made a solid new stride in deep space exploration.

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

The success of China's aerospace industry cannot be achieved without the core drive of the aerospace spirit. And this kind of spirit of unremitting struggle and advancing courageously is also imprinted in the development course of China's manufacturing industry. As the official media vehicle for the launch mission of Chang'e-5, Yutong Bus, a Chinese bus manufacturing brand, guarantees the launch mission throughout the whole process and witnesses the great historic moment in the history of China's space activities, showing the highlight moment of the self-owned brand!

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

As a leading enterprise in the bus industry, Yutong has been carrying out technological innovation to improve its brand strength and taking innovation as its core competitiveness to lead the upgrading and development of China's manufacturing industry for years. The cooperation between Yutong and Chang'e-5 is a wonderful encounter of two important technologies in China, demonstrating the great leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

Chang'e-5 Displays the Power of China Aerospace Science and Technology

In 2004, China officially launched the lunar exploration project, which was named "Chang'e Project", marking the first step of China's deep space exploration.

In 2007, Chang'e-1, the first lunar exploration satellite, was successfully launched, and the drawing of a three-dimensional map of the entire moon was satisfactorily completed. In 2010, Chang'e-2 was smoothly launched and the 3D image of Sinus Iridum with the resolution of 1.3 meters was obtained. In 2013, the Chang'e-3 lunar probe was launched, making China's first soft landing on the lunar surface, and successfully completing the second step of China's three-step lunar exploration program (Orbiting, landing and returning). In 2018, Chang'e-4 landed on the far side of the moon.

After 13 years of development, Chang'e-5 is the last project in China's three-phased lunar exploration project - lunar soil sampling and returning, which is also one of the most complicated and difficult missions in China's aerospace field. If succeeded, China would become the third country in the world to independently master lunar probe return technology.

Taking Science and Technology as the Arrow to Achieve the Outstanding Quality of China's Manufacturing

Chang'e-5 has created several "firsts" in China’s aerospace history, demonstrating the outstanding level of China's aerospace quality. As a leader in the bus industry, Yutong always has high standards for itself. In this historic launch, Yutong is honored to provide service guarantee for the launch of Chang'e-5, which is a strong indication that the product quality of Yutong Bus is recognized by the authority again!

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

If Chang'e-5 represents the new height of China's aerospace science and technology, Yutong represents the leading level of China's bus technology.

It is reported that Chang'e-5 will sample the lunar surface automatically for the first time, take off from the moon for the first time, and conduct the first unmanned rendezvous and docking in lunar orbit, which is 380,000 kilometers away. The difficulty of the whole project is equivalent to the unmanned Apollo program. Yutong has also made remarkable achievements in the field of driverless vehicles. Xiaoyu 2.0, its self-developed star self-driving product is equipped with L4 automatic driving capability and is the first self-driving bus in the industry to support the operation without safety officers. Yutong also builds a smart travel system integrating "smart car, smart road, smart platform, unmanned station, automatic charging and cloud control platform" in view of the needs of urban traffic operation and management, taking the first and important step to truly realize automatic driving and unmanned driving in future cities.

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

Chang'e-5 was delivered by China's most powerful rocket engine, the carrier rocket of Long March 5, which was powered by a hydrogen oxygen engine. The hydrogen fuel used has the advantage of no toxicity and no pollution. Similarly, Yutong has developed the first generation of hydrogen buses since 2009. So far, Yutong has developed the fourth-generation hydrogen buses, which covers 8 to 12 meters buses and 9 to 11 meters road products. Yutong hydrogen buses have been put into batch operation in Zhengzhou, Zhangjiakou, Zhangjiagang, Langfang (HeBei) and other places.

Quality is above all, and details determine success. The famous aerospace quality of high-grade, precision and sophistication is the cornerstone of the success of China's lunar exploration program. Yutong, like China aerospace, "never uses the market as a testing ground, but uses the testing ground as the market". This sentence in the Yutong test site contains the attitude and requirements of Yutong Bus on their own product quality. And by relying on the fine product quality with a high standard, Yutong also interprets the "legend of Yutong" in the bus industry.

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

Yutong T7 is responsible for supporting the media service of the launch mission of Chang'e-5. After three rounds of research and development and 11 years of research & development and verification, it has won rapid market recognition for its innovative technology and world-class quality. It also wins pride for China's self-owned brands, and becomes an important example to demonstrate China's manufacturing strength.

Persistent R & D and Innovation Constitute the Benchmark of China's National Brands

Science and technology constitute the primary productive force, which has promoted the development of the space industry. China has always followed the basic policy of independent research and development. With the strong support of the state, Chinese spaceflight personnel, adhering to the spirit of "special ability to endure hardship, special ability to fight, special ability to tackle key problems and special ability to contribute", have been indomitable and continued to tackle key problems, resulting in the rapid development of China's space technology and the constant consolidation of China's status as a space power.

Lunar Probe Change-5 Successfully Launched with the Support of Yutong Bus

In the course of development, Yutong has been persistent in the road of technical research and development. Yutong spends 3% - 5% of its operation revenue on R&D every year. It has set up the postdoctoral research station, National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Bus Safety Control Technology, National Research Center of Electronic Control and Safety Engineering Technology of Electric Passenger Vehicle, and other research and development innovation platforms, undertaken 46 national and provincial scientific research projects, participated in the setting of 123 national and industry standards and owned 2,117 valid patents.

The endurance of a long run accomplishes the speed and height of the burst. Yutong dedicates itself to research and development with a firm belief, and continues to make self-breakthrough in the whole ecological chain of product innovation, manufacturing and service level, which not only forms steady development of itself, but also effectively promotes China's national bus brand to occupy the stage of international bus industry.

Keeping pace with the times and showing the manufacturing power of China, with the high standard of keeping up with the aerospace quality, Yutong insists on scientific and technological innovation to realize the continuous upgrading of its products, which effectively promotes the development of China's bus technology and manufacturing level, and reveals the strong strength and trustworthy international image of China's bus technology to the world. In the future, Yutong will continue to follow the example of China's aerospace industry, learn from and carry forward China's aerospace spirit. With innovation as the support and science and technology as the two wings, we will try our best to promote the realization of China's "dream of becoming a transportation power"!

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