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Yutong grandly released "Supergene Value Chain" to lead the value upgrading in bus industry


On May 10th, the 6th China Brand Day, the online release conference of Yutong "Supergene Value Chain" was grandly opened. As a leading brand in China's bus industry, Yutong Bus has released the industry's first value chain-centered value systems of “Supergene Value Chain”, actively responding to changes in user needs and revolutions in the mobility environment, to further provide users with full life cycle value, drive the transformation and upgrading of the bus industry and promote the healthy and sustainable development of public mobility.

 Yutong Supergene Release Conference

Yutong Supergene Release Conference

Having been deeply involved in the bus field for nearly 60 years, Yutong Bus has already profoundly felt the impact of the changes that the bus and even the entire public transportation industry are facing. As a vehicle company with years of accumulation in the industry in terms of professional manufacturing capability, technology, scale, and full products, Yutong has focused on the full life cycle of buses from 5 modules and 11 steps through a large number of resource integration, and launched the "Supergene Value Chain" based on the current market situation. This is the first value system in the bus industry with the value chain as the core.

Yutong grandly released Supergene Value Chain to lead the value upgrading in bus industry

Yutong Supergene Value Chain

Linking the entire life cycle, the supergene value chain redefines the industry standard

Advanced R&D: Based on the most comprehensive and deepest bus big data in the industry, build an international R&D platform, have accurate insights into customer needs, and use leading R&D strength and verification standards higher than the national standard to bring not only good products beyond expectations, but also technology enjoyment one step ahead.To know more about Yutong autonomous driving and 5G smart mobility solutions

Strictly selected materials: a good vehicle can be made only by selecting good materials and stretch every nickel starting from single part. Through strict material selection and verification, as well as win-win cooperation with first-class brands at home and abroad, we not only provide first-class material selection from the source, but also bring the excellent value guarantee for the whole vehicle

Super-manufacture: not only create the finely detailed quality, but also bring the vehicle durability

Full strict quality control: not only ensure the stable quality of products, but also bring excellent performance during operation

One-stop direct services: not only provide full life cycle services, but also bring high-yield operation guarantee

Aggregate full platform industry chain ,lead comprehensive upgrade of the industry value

Improve and upgrade in every link, and constantly aggregate value! These links are connected together to form a value chain. Named after "Supergene", it is not only Yutong's expectation for the evolution of this value chain system, but also its hope to provide the source power for the development of the entire bus industry.

The supergene value chain is to help the bus industry to complete the transformation from vehicle-making mindset to platform mindset, to create products, services and solutions that are more in line with user value needs, so as to better drive the industry to upgrade and achieve the brand vision of "Link Greater Value" for the customer, the industry and the society.

Yutong grandly released Supergene Value Chain to lead the value upgrading in bus industry

Yutong Supergene Value Chain

For customers, "Supergene Value Chain" is the concentrated expression and practical implementation of Yutong's commitment to customer value. Yutong has always been adhering to the concept of "Customer-orientation" and the value guidance, not only providing good products, creating value for customers, but also making products add value to customers; not only make customers satisfied, but also bring surprises beyond expectations. Help customers achieve sustainable development through the upgrade of operation value along the full life cycle.

For the industry, “supergene value chain” reflects Yutong’s determination to reconstruct the industrial ecology in full aspects and lead the high quality development of the industry. As the leading enterprise, Yutong actively shoulders the development responsibility of bus industry, not only provides good products to the industry, earns customers’ satisfaction via vehicles, but also promotes the entire standard improvement of the whole industry. Through optimizing industrial environment constantly, Yutong aggregates the whole industry chain to jointly boost the development of bus industry.

For society, “supergene value chain” is one beneficial exploration for Yutong to build high quality development layout of the industry, and boost the public traffic and the society’s sustainable development. As the leading enterprise, Yutong continuously pursues for excellence, combines more new technologies, new ideas and new modes into public mobility field to not only make the public enjoy high quality buses and services, but also make the mobility more efficient and boost green sustainable development and better public mobility.

What Yutong hopes is, through constantly value cohesion, supergene value promotes the products evolution, from points to links, from links to planes, and from planes to bodies, carries out a reconstructing to the eco of bus industry, improves the operation value during full life cycle of vehicles, sets new mode and standard for the development of the industry, and also provides efficient solutions for the sustainable development of public mobility.

Yutong grandly released Supergene Value Chain to lead the value upgrading in bus industry

Green sustainable development    Make the world a better place

The current era is an opportunity and challenge co-existing era for bus industry. But no matter how the environment changes, Yutong bus will continue to stick to the original aspiration of “create greater value for customers, bring better mobility for the public”, to perform its responsibilities and obligations. The birth of supergene value chain is not only a brand new breakthrough of Yutong, but also a reflection of Yutong’s determination to lead the upward transformation of the bus industry.

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